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Autodesk inventor 2018 drawing view free download. What’s New in Autodesk Inventor 2018 – Drawing

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Understand the wide range of component and assembly views available in Inventor, how to configure them, and the relationships between views. Topics in this section About Drawing View Fundamentals Explains the base view, projected view, section view and other view types, as well as other options such as breaking, cropping, or slicing a view. To Create a Base View and Projected Views How to create these fundamental views, and to create drawing views from a model file.

To Create a Flat Pattern Drawing View of a Sheet Metal Part The flat pattern view is useful for fabrication, and is the only view that supports sheet metal annotations. To Create or Edit Drawings of iAssemblies How to create views that reference an iAssembly member, and how to switch the view to a different iAssembly member. To Work with Drawing Views You can edit views, specify how they appear, and create drawing views of sketches and sheet metal parts.

To Align and Rotate Drawing Views How to change the orientation of a dependent view in relation to its parent view. To Create and Edit an Auxiliary View You create an auxiliary view by projecting from an edge or line in a parent view. To Work with Drawings for Large Assemblies How to avoid the performance degradation that can occur when working with drawings of large assemblies. To Work with Design View Representations in Drawing Files Options for managing the relationship between design and drawing views, to achieve various process benefits.

To Work with Surfaces in Drawing Views How to show and hide surfaces for best results in drawing views and to support annotations. To Show or Hide Work Features in Drawing Views You can recover work features from the model into a drawing view and use them as data, or for annotation purposes.

About Sketches in Drawings A drawing sketch can contain text and 2D geometry such as lines and arcs. To Project Geometry from a Drawing View to a Sketch Guidelines and procedure for creating a sketch associated with a model view.

To Create and Edit a Draft View How to work with a draft view or sketch associated with a drawing or model. About Section Views Describes section view settings, how to constrain and align these views, and how to control their appearance. To Create a Breakout You can remove a defined area of material to expose obscured features in an existing drawing view.

About Detail Views Detail views provide circular and rectangular shapes of detail profile; You can select the Jagged the default type for both shapes or Smooth cutout lines. To Work with Overlay Views Overlay drawing views use positional representations to show an assembly in multiple positions in a single view.

To Work with Break View Operations How to display regions of interest in a component view and break not display the view in regions without significant details. Parent topic: Drawings.


Autodesk inventor 2018 drawing view free download

To create eDrawings files using eDrawings for Страница Inventor: Open the part, assembly, drawing, or presentation file in Autodesk Inventor. Autodesk Inventor Update 2 – incl. Ductpost 1. And perform edits there? XLF files.

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