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Discworld 2 pc game free download. Download Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!

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Discworld 2 pc game free download

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Two of the most underrated adventure games ever, both Discworld games are based on Terry Pratchett’s pun-filled fantasy Discworld series, in which the whole world is carried through space by a turtle, and idioms and puns do have a life of their own.

As bumbling wizard Rincewind, prevent the Dragon from destroying the world in Discworld 1 and find a way to convince the disillusioned Death to resume his day job in the sequel. Both games have great humor although dialogues drag on at times , and some of the most devious but logical puzzles ever designed. Famed Monty Python veteran Eric Idle’s performance as the voice of Rincewind is flawless, althought some dialogues are very long-winded to the point of frustrating.

Clever puzzles and hilarious animations, however, more than make up for it. Highly recommended for Pratchett fans and fans of zany adventure games in general– just be prepared to sit through very long and sometimes tedious dialogues. Two thumbs up! Another simple way would be to use scummvm to play. Bush -1 point. Sorry, I should have read the older comments first. Ignore my comment about nocd patch not working.

It works fine with the iso image mounted, but nocd patch seems to be broken. Harrowing 0 point. I couldn’t get it to run at all. Instead, I found a Windows 98 VM image and it runs just lovely in there!

LifeisGrimm 0 point. Ok, got past the first issue, now on trying to complete step 2 it says Discworld cannot find english. Phibbsy 0 point. Hmm, I’m stuck on install – very new to all this so I could have missed something fundamental. Following Chortle’s instructions I get as far as the disc. I can see it in dos box though it shows up as a file name with a space Diswld CD and dosbox says I’m unable to change to it.

On step 5, instead of mounting the directory, mount that actual. Parbat 1 point. Help 1 point. Chortle 10 points. Right for those who are struggling here is how I got this working with sound. Note that Text in ” ” should be typed into dosbox without quotes.

Text in [ ] are options to select. Mount the game ISO google if unsure how 3. BAT” 8. Drive to install ‘C’ press return 9. Once installed the game starts. Quit dosbox if you haven’t. CD Open dosbox again and repeat steps 4. CD” BAT” This will quit the application Otherwise it wont find the game CD and throw a nocd error.

For those who have never used dosbox Once you have followed 2. CD” and then “DWB. EXE” will run the game. If this works for you; you are welcome :. The nocdfix above is for the floppy version only and will not work with the directors cut. I’m on Linux and I could get everything to work but sound. No clue, from dosbox. I’ve spent 3 hours trying to figure it out. I hope the solution isn’t in Windows. I’m really sad because I love the game. The music would be the 1st reason for me to play it Luggage 2 points.

Disregard all my other posts xD. I made a mistake and left a letter out, I apologize. If any of you are having problems with the save game thing I figured it out. Replace the “SAVE” folder in your game files with “discwld. Zeke 3 points. There are apparently three versions of this game. Version 1 – the first release, with bugs. Version 2 aka. Director’s cut – the second release, with many of the bugs patched.

Version 3 aka. The Director’s other cut – the third final release which patched the last remaining bugs, and considered the perfect version. Where could you find the 3rd version?

I only see the floppy, first version, and second version. Tom 2 points. I personally don’t have a lot of experience with the program, and despite trying repeatedly, I cannot for the life of me get this to work.

HRG 3 points. I have just solved my sound issue with this game by copying the individual contents of the drivers folder into the main discwld. Hope this helps. Arnizipal 6 points. The trick with installing this game is that it can only be installed on what the game thinks is the C drive.

I downloaded the ISO version and mounted it on drive L. Then I copied the Discworld folder to my Games folder on the D drive. To set up sound, as Elph-kun mentioned, you should copy the Drivers folder to the new discwld. You can do this in windows. After that is done, run the Setsound. Got the floppy version. Could not get any sound to work on DosBox.

Switched to ScummVM and it solved the problem. KC 0 point. I have now tried both versions and still no sound. I guess it can be played with no sound, but sound would be a nice touch. However, like Sirawsmface64 has stated, I have no sound.

I think I downloaded the ISO version, but will try again with the floppy version. Elph-kun 4 points. Jozef Novak 0 point. MEEN 1 point. Sirawsmface64 0 point. Admin, is this download the cd version? Dave 0 point DOS version. This game runs perfectly on a mac but i can’t seem to access the save menu or save the game at all. Does anyone know how to do it?

Erik 1 point DOS version. Got it to work using Dosbox, but later it started saying that it couldn’t find the disk heh. Any suggestions? I can not get this to even load up. I am using the latest D-Fend. The screen will flash and go back to D-Fend. Sneaky Wizard -2 points DOS version.



Discworld 2 pc game free download. Discworld CD


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Discworld – Old Games Download.Discworld II: Missing Presumed!? (DOS) Game Download

The Archancellor orders Rincewind to discwoeld Death. Discworld II: Missing Presumed!? Discworkl 2 also marks the return of Monty Python Alum Eye Idle, who once again lends his voice to the game’s humbling hero. Discworld 2 Missing Presumed Download Torrent. After collecting the souls of a thousand deceased ants, Discworld 2 pc game free download next assignment is Death himself, who was killed by an assassin hired by the Patrician. In the thriving metropolis of Ankh -Morpork, someone fre planted a bomb.

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