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Malware Protection & Internet Security | ESET – ESET Full Review

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It caught almost all of the malware samples I downloaded onto all of my test devices — including several I hid in locations that other antivirus scanners often miss. ESET also comes with a good range of additional features. However, while some of these features worked well, others were disappointing.

I particularly like the advanced diagnostics tools, which are good for tech-savvy users. Other competitors, such as Nortonhave far better extra features — including more useful parental controls and как сообщается здесь VPN — all eset for windows 10 a similar price to ESET.

However, one big positive is that ESET offers both a day free trial and a day money-back guarantee on all of its plans. ESET has a powerful anti-malware scanner, excellent diagnostics tools, and a decent range of additional features — all in an intuitive user interface. ESET has several plans to choose from, it provides a free day trial, and it offers a risk-free day money-back guarantee.

ESET offers eset for windows 10 powerful malware scanner with eset for windows 10 variety of different scanning options, plus real-time protection, to keep malware from Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux devices. I tested each empire 3 pc game free option by hiding nearly 1, malware samples in my PC and removable devices.

The System Scan detected almost all of the malware samples — which is impressive and nearly as good as antiviruses like Norton and Bitdefender. In comparison, Norton only took 40 minutes to complete a full system scan. That said, the Custom and Removable Device scans only took a few minutes to complete.

Most antiviruses offer a quick scan — McAfee even has a quick scan that can check critical locations windows 10 calculator offline under 2 minutes.

Most eset for windows 10 antiviruses allow you to schedule scans in just a few eset for windows 10, and eset for windows 10 is definitely an area that Читать статью could improve on. The HIPS was really effective in my testing. I ran a ransomware simulator, and it failed to encrypt any files before ESET blocked it.

I then tried installing увидеть больше rootkit samples, which ESET also quickly discovered and blocked. Overall, ESET is excellent at protecting your device against malware, but the scanner is slow, lacks a quick-scan option, and includes a tedious scheduling process. Despite slow scan eset for windows 10, ESET provides one of the most thorough scans available from any antivirus, has near-perfect malware detection, and its real-time prevention system can eset for windows 10 ransomware and rootkits eset for windows 10 they cause any damage.

I tested the protection using PhishTank, an online database that lists hundreds of new phishing sites daily. Most competitors let you do this with one-click from your browser. It successfully protected my computer by blocking and alerting me to unauthorized network activity. You can choose between:. Most users will just want to stick to the Automatic mode. I found the Interactive mode annoying. I was constantly getting pop-ups asking whether I should allow a connection.

These pop-ups were displayed above everything else on my computer and appeared at least 10 times in 10 minutes. This handy tool can eset for windows 10 you identify open ports and weak router passwords.

The Network Inspector only took 15 minutes to scan my entire network. It showed all connected devices in a cool sonar-like view and listed ports on my router running services. It also said whether any of those services were vulnerable. Eset for windows 10, the network scanner showed a notification every time a new device connected to my network — this is a useful tool to identify if others are trying to use your Wi-Fi without your permission.

You can read more about the best antiviruses with a VPN here. However, it lacks features such as a VPN and automated profiles, which would put it more in line with the competition. The macOS version also includes a few diagnostics tools only the more basic ones. Advanced users will find these insights helpful for identifying risks on their system. Log Files, on the other hand, is a useful and searchable database where you can see every eset for windows 10 ESET has performed on your device.

Rather than just a number, it includes a list of all malware detections on your PC alongside their threat names, filtered websites, and more. It also allows you to export. XML files of specific logs, which can be helpful for trying eset for windows 10 get tech support online. The Watch Activity feature shows the eset for windows 10 of read and written data on your device in real-time, in addition to the amount of received and sent network data.

When I tested it, it only took a few minutes to make and save a full report. I also love the Network Connections feature that shows all programs on your device with eset for windows 10 active network connection.

If your internet приведенная ссылка running slowly, you can discover which application uses the most bandwidth and deactivate it. Many other competitor antiviruses, such as NortonAviraand TotalAV include a wide range of tools to help clean up your devices and improve performance, such as scanning for junk files, clearing out your temporary folders, identifying duplicates, and removing unused apps. However, advanced users may appreciate how ESET eset for windows 10 them to restore Windows settings and clear their registry quickly.

I logged into the anti-theft dashboard from my mobile phone and marked my computer as missing. ESET then reset my computer and forced it eset for windows 10 a eset for windows 10 account, which made it impossible to access the files on my computer.

It also allowed the computer to receive and display messages sent from my phone. My only complaint about the phantom eset for windows 10 is that I could still access the internet and download files.

Overall, the anti-theft protections are very useful for both laptops and mobile devices. They let you completely lock down a stolen device and send messages to it while tracking its location and taking pictures of the user, all of which will be extremely useful if you ever have your device stolen.

In the options, you can adjust the categories and manually create exceptions. I turned on the parental controls and entered a fake birthdate so that the screening would filter content for a 9-year-old. The parental controls also failed to filter Google Image searches.

Parental controls from top competitors like Norton and Bitdefender include app limitations, scheduled device usage times, geo-fencing, and many other useful features. However, there are better antiviruses for gaminglike Norton. The Webcam Protection feature asks you for permission every time an app or website tries to access your webcam. Meanwhile, the spam filter felt unnecessary.

It also only works on Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook, which both already have good spam filters. Honestly, this small fee per device makes ESET a pretty bad option for large groups or families looking to share an internet security plan, but the price flexibility will be appreciated by anybody who is looking for coverage on just 1 or 2 devices.

The comparable Mac product, Cyber Security Procontains just the firewall, parental controls, web and email scanning, and a limited selection of the diagnostics tools. However, the anti-malware engine, web protection, network security tools, anti-theft features, and advanced diagnostics tools make this a decent antivirus program, especially for more advanced users. The password manager works well but lacks features.

And LiveGuard, as mentioned previously, is a great feature — but eset for windows 10 bothers me that this is only available in the Smart Security Premium plan. Other antiviruses like Avira Prime include eset for windows 10 similar feature at no extra cost. Users looking for a premium antivirus suite should check out Norton or Bitdefender. ESET is very simple to navigate, but some of its features are difficult to use or understand.

Its user interface is laid out simply, with features listed in a menu on the left — simply select a feature and it is displayed in the middle of the dashboard. However, not all features are clearly explained or intuitive to use, and a lot of things take far longer to set up than they need to. To do something as simple as schedule scans, I had to go through 15 rather confusing steps.

Overall, ESET is a reliable antivirus, but some of its features are annoying to set up, and a lot of less tech-savvy users will have a hard time understanding its more advanced features. I was also able to log into the online anti-theft dashboard from my computer and locate my phone in minutes. ESET Mobile Security showed me important device settings and permissions and alerted me via a push notification of any issues with them, as well as analyzing apps for sketchy behavior.

While many mobile phones can do this by default, ESET makes finding these settings easy. ESET has a good range of customer support options, including email support and live chat. Many competitors, including Norton and Bitdefenderoffer phone support for home users. I sent it after business hours and received my reply early the following day. This is a pretty good response time, but I would have liked my email to eset for windows 10 a more personal and more helpful response.

I had a good experience with the live chat team. I was able to ask several questions and learn a lot about the software. They helped me uninstall the software too — something many users get confused with. It offers live chat and email support in 3 languages, and I found their representatives well-informed. Antivirus suites like NortonTotalAVand Bitdefender provide equally good malware protection, plus a wider and more useful range of additional features — including better parental controls, a secure VPN, and decent clean-up tools — all for a similar price.

Its system cleanup tools are little more than a wallpaper changer, and its parental controls are nothing more than a basic content filter. If you want a feature-packed antivirus that provides a great, you should check out our top 10 best antivirus list.

It provides a decent variety of security features for a reasonably good value. ESET is one of the safest anti-malware engines on the market today, offering various powerful antivirus tools to keep users from getting hacked. The virus scanner uses advanced heuristics and machine learning to detect encrypted malware and zero-day threats. That said, ESET offers a free day trial and a day money-back guarantee on all its plans, so you can try it out for free. It includes a good variety of features for a decent price, including network protection and anti-theft controls.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is the cheapest eset for windows 10 — it only includes the anti-malware engine, which makes it a good choice for anybody that wants a secure antivirus scanner and nothing more, at a good price. Vanessa is a freelance writer, editor, and tech enthusiast with a particular interest in online safety. In her free time, eset for windows 10 loves to make the most of the world around her, traveling, hiking, and being in or near the sea.

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Eset for windows 10


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Downloads Live Installer that will guide you through installation and activation. Alternatively, use License key to activate your product. Eset for windows 10 more details please refer to this 1 guide. Read more. ESET, spol. All information collected through this website is processed for marketing purposes only. I understand I can opt out at any time. Read privacy policy. Windowws license can also be used to activate our macOS and Linux products. Select the option bellow to start the download and installation process.

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