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CorelDRAW is a popular vector graphics software for every graphic designer who needs to create top-notch graphics. While you might love using CorelDRAW, you may need to work with optional graphic design software for one reason or another.

CorelDRAW is an industry leader known for robust graphic designs, vector illustrations, logo creation, page layouts , and so much more.

It offers enhanced vector editing tools, high precision color management, tracing, and plenty of other benefits to users. The programs listed here can help you create different illustrations, layouts, and logos. They have exceptional features and toolsets, vibrant color palettes, and can support multiple file formats. They may have different approaches to graphic design but are equipped with more simplicity and efficacy.

So stay put for this most exciting part. Inkscape is one of the most powerful tools to use when looking to create artistic vector illustrations. It has a vast toolset for enhancing the style and color of your graphics. It has an open-source code that allows users to modify lines to improve them. Its tools need constant improvement, which makes Inkscape suitable for beginners and graphic designing enthusiasts.

Professionals may not be so lucky with this tool. With Adobe Illustrator, you can design complex vector imaging easily. It has excellent color management capabilities and standard drawing tools for the job. Its user interface is intuitive, with easily accessible features. This platform allows users complete control over their graphic creation process. To work with illustrator, you have to use the AI file format.

Since the software has tight integration with the rest of the free Adobe software, users have the freedom to import objects in Illustrator to Adobe Flash Professional. This new version of Adobe Illustrator is an excellent alternative to CorelDRAW and contains advanced features to use with your vector graphics. Check out some of the best Adobe Illustrator alternatives here.

GIMP is a free, open-source graphics editor. It also has vector image editing tools — a great CorelDRAW alternative for scripted images, design objects, and icons. GIMP uses various programming algorithms. It integrates with various programming languages such as Perl, Python, and Scheming to increase customization levels.

GIMP is a powerful tool for simple graphic editing with numerous brushes and other features for digital selection, drawing, and healing. PaintShop Pro is another interesting vector and raster graphics editor to use in graphics design and photo editing. It has the most amazing tools, including the SmartClone feature. Using SmartClone, you can merge multiple elements effortlessly and add unique effects.

Its parallel toolbox contains layers and masks. This is enough time to produce outstanding graphics for your brand. It has a simple, navigable interface with editing options and a photo organizer. This is your ideal choice if you want to take image editing to the next level.

Sketch is a freeware vector graphics editing software for stunning icons, retouched photos, web designs, and vector images.

Guess what happens on Sketch? You get the chance to create, prototype, and collaborate. It helps you transform your brilliant ideas into delectable products, and you can share them with your teams and clients. An intuitive interface welcomes you to a masterful design experience plus great facilitation and expedition of the design validation and approval.

To top it up, this ad-free platform has excellent intuitive controls and uses only 50MB of hard drive space when downloaded. Sketch is feature-packed and flexible, with vast vector and scaling shapes to ensure quality projects. Customize brush color, size, and transparency for unique outcomes. Combine these qualities with an intuitive interface and unmatched photo editing capabilities, and you are good to go.

Krita was developed by designers who needed to give artists a common ground for creativity. It has tools for concept art, texture and matte painting, comics, and illustrations. At Krita, you have full access to configurable options, brush presets, and much more. The toolbar controls can help you change brush settings, including size, blending mode, opacity, or color. What gives Krita an edge is its powerful brush engine. It has numerous settings for customizing brushes with shape, color, and density.

It also accepts third-party textures and brushes. Also Read : Best Photobucket Alternatives. Autodesk Sketchbook is a component of Autodesk used for vector graphics. It comes with a friendly and straightforward user interface.

Do you ever wonder why designers enjoy working with Sketchbook? Well, the secret lies in being a free program loaded with unique features and functionalities. And you can also work on the go! The Sketchbook interface supports tablet use. With an excellent brush engine, clutter-free workspace, and loads of drawing and sketching tools, any beginner or professional will be excited to start working.

It is free to try it. Also Read : Best Sketchup Alternatives. Gravit Designer is an open-source, cross-platform vector design software for stunning logos , banners, icons, and more. Its precision vector tools empower you to create points, lines, and shapes to form every project. Are you looking to create wireframes and mock-ups using shared symbols, pages, anchors, and styles? This is the platform for you. This platform has exceptional image and photo editing capabilities.

You have the right photo effects, from lighting and color adjustments to blending and filters. If you want complete control, you have the kerning, font styles and weights, paragraph, and character spacing at your disposal. The incredible vector editing capabilities are safely stashed in the vector toolbox.

Enjoy the Bezigon preset shapes with smart controls, pen, knife, Boolean operations, and much more. Gravit Designer is designed with standard tools that effectively get vector graphics editing done. While it works with curves and layers, this platform also packs various tools for selection and transformation, text, shapes, and more. In the long run, these elements will admirably complement your creations. This web-based platform lets you explore your creative potential with social media graphics, posters, and more.

Choose from its template designs to start your project. For logos , Canva will automatically generate a sample based on the information you provide. It has loads of fonts, colors, images, and illustrations to choose from. The free design tools have delightful team collaboration tools. The professional templates, layouts, voice icons, and frames will help boost your projects, especially pixel-perfect images for your landing pages.

Canva has an extensive repository of media elements and other tools to make your images stand out. It can help you give your competitors a run for their money. Vectornator is an intuitive graphics design platform with an impressive interface. It helps deliver awe-inspiring designs, illustrations, and layouts. Its user-friendliness makes things easier. The welcome screen gives a sneak peek of what your final product will look like. Designed with touch capabilities, this software is the product of year-old Vladimir Danila from Germany.

It currently tops the charts as the best intuitive vector graphic software for the iPad. The new upgrade version, Vectornator X, is powered by auto trace technology. Vectornator has replaced manual tracing with an automatic tool to make vectorization bliss.

With multiple artboards in one document, you will handle complex designs with minimal effort. Vectr is a free vector graphics software that delivers incredible outcomes. Vectr is cross-platform and most suitable for project heads, social media influencers, software engineers, and bloggers. This software has terrific collaboration tools. Some of its basic features include shape tools, pathfinders, gradients, pen tool, and more.

Vectr is professionally designed. The shallow learning curve paves the way for beginners to produce captivating vector graphics with many conveniences. It is an excellent alternative for creators who want to design simple but powerful vector graphics without much fuss. Vecteezy Editor is an online vector graphics editing platform. You can use it for SVG files when you need to edit or add design components such as shapes. This freemium software does a great job of editing vectors fast.

It has a simple interface with plenty of image customization tools.



11 coreldraw free. CorelDRAW 11 Free Download


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If you do not want to buy a licensed Corel DRAW 11 version but try to download this software from a torrent instead, you are putting your computer at significant risk. This action is a direct violation of the developer’s copyright.

In the first attempt to download, the user will be sent an official warning, and in the second — everything may end in legal proceedings and huge penalties. Therefore, think carefully before downloading unlicensed programs. One of the central dangers when downloading unlicensed software is the ability to pick up viruses.

Most torrent programs contain malicious files that can seriously harm your PC. Some of them may even steal private data, including bank accounts. An antivirus software helps to reduce the risks a bit but even they may not cope with complex viruses. Moreover, a periodic check can demonstrate that you are using a pirated version, after which access to your program can be completely blocked.

The unambiguous disadvantage of pirated software is the lack of developer assistance. Therefore, if you have any problem with the operation, you can only rely on your efforts and forums on the Internet. Working with an unlicensed program, you will likely face errors and bugs.

By downloading such a program to torrents, hackers often erase parts of the code that may seem insignificant to them. Thus, when trying to use a specific function, the system may crash even without saving the progress of the project. If you think the cost of the official version of the program is too high, you should pay attention to its alternatives.

Adobe Illustrator is a popular graphic design and imaging program. Its main advantage is wide functionality and various useful brushes.

Using this software, you can produce creative illustrations, work with printing materials, and graphic design. Benefits include integration with Creative Cloud. This will help you quickly sync your projects from different Adobe applications. It is cross-platform, so you can use it on computers with almost any operating system. Inkscape is especially well-suited for working with vector graphics and printing materials: posters, books, brochures, booklets, etc.

Besides, the user can quickly edit pictures, changing their color, contrast, and saturation. Check Also.

Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram. Close Search for. Loading Comments A brand new Pen device has been added which acts as the identical as that of outdated Bezier device. Three new choices have been included on this model that are Simplify, entrance minus again and Again minus entrance. These choice can be utilized for combining and intersecting objects. Most promising function of the Corel Draw 11 is the power to transform objects into symbols. This conversion is straightforward as all you could do is to pull and drop the item you could convert.

All in all Corel Draw 11 is a good device that has leaped the enormous step ahead with some cool new function. It will give Adobe and Macromedia a tricky time.

That is full offline installer and standalone setup for Corel Draw This system and all information are checked ….

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