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Submitted February 3, By ItsClonkAndre. Submitted March 26, By Kevinsan. Updated November By ChicagofanII. Updated October By Vampire. Updated September By ooboylel. By Studiotraube. Updated July Updated July 9. By CopBlock Submitted July 10, By Nylapd Updated July 24, By coprolla. Submitted July 27, By Sam. Updated April 19, By Bxbugs Updated December 21, Updated March 27, By Double Doppler. Updated October 22, By Lt.

Updated July 31, By Fabriciuz. Updated November 30, By The Terminator. Submitted September 22, Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. Sign in with Discord. Sign in with Patreon. Pick mod category Featured Downloads. Use OpenIV to navigate to the vehicles. Once vehicles. It replaces the in-game Turismo standard model. You can download this mod here.

The body kit has been specially developed for the RX-7 by a company called Veilside, but they also produce other kits for cars like the Mazda RX This is one of my personal favorite mods simply because of how accurate and life-like it is. As a massive fan of racing simulations and simulations in general, I love that this mod takes an arcade-ish game like GTA IV and completely transforms it into something it was never meant to be.

Killautomate, the creator of this mod, went through each of the default cars and modified their handling data to create this masterpiece. Fans of supercars and hypercars should be absolutely thrilled about this one. Instead of just using a stock Veyron though , imtaj decided to further enhance the mod by giving it a wide body kit and a massive rear wing the Veyron never came with. Built as an exclusive track-day weapon, the Zonda R was created with one goal and one goal only: demolish the Nordschleife track record.

When it first came out in , demolish the track record it did, with an astonishing time of 6 minutes and 47 seconds. It was a record that stood for many years. This particular mod has been developed by NatT96Report. You can check out this mod here. You can forget about Lamborghinis or Ferraris, because of sheer presence, nothing beats a Rolls-Royce. This mod replaces the default Washington car in the game.

It has over 18, downloads. It replaces the default Stratum car. To that extent, it features a Harley Davidson Fatboy, golf carts, a Maserati Quattroporte , and even regular cars like a Mazda 3 to make it realistic.

The best part? It adds 24 Formula 1 cars to the game and gives you an opportunity to live out your wildest fantasies. The models are accurate portrayals of F1 cars during the season , meaning they all get a high-revving V8 making intoxicating noises and are bonkers quick. That being said, a lot of the mods I highlighted so far feature hi-poly models to add to make them look more realistic, but that has its own downside. The Essential Pack is a mod with hand-picked cars which give you high quality without sacrificing performance in the process.

The RS5 is one of the wildest cars to ever come out of Ingolstadt. As such, it features a naturally-aspirated, high-revving V8 under the hood, producing an almighty horsepower. This mod features customized optics, breakable windows, tuned collision, and tweaked handling files. It replaces the default Comet model but using the automatic installer you can choose to replace any other car you want. Absolutely everyone wanted to have a Hummer in their drive yard, but it was an expensive vehicle that used a lot of fuel and it cost a lot of money to maintain.

The attention to detail is amazing, especially on the exterior which looks fantastic. It has nearly , downloads, which kind of says it all really. Even if it were, prices have skyrocketed so much over the last few years that owning a Skyline is no longer possible for most people. Fortunately, the game has no limitations on how you can acquire a GT-R , so you can either buy it or steal it from one of the NPCs.

This mod has the correct optics work, bespoke wheels, functional doors and lights, and the right LOD. As you can probably guess, this is a GTA IV car pack mod that introduces a speedometer to accurately measure speed. It comes with several different speedometer designs so you can match and choose whichever one you think looks best or switch them out based on what you plan to be driving. I like the minimalist ones, but you can get as funky as you want as there are some seriously weird designs included.

The placement in the bottom right corner is unobtrusive and you get used to it almost immediately. After a while, driving without this mod will even start to feel weird. You can check out this really fun and interesting mod here. This is just a collection of all the default models and the stock handling data, acting as a reset button for the game in case you want to revert back to the vanilla cars or have encountered some massive error that is causing your game to crash.

Believe me when I say this, but re-installing the game over and over again just because you want a fresh start or made a mess of the modding files is not fun. Sometimes you just want to hit the reset button on all the stock cars and go back to normal, which is what this mod enables you.

Described as a brick-shaped box on wheels, the G-Wagon has the grace of the Hulk trying to dance ballet. What it is though, is a statement. It replaces the default Cavalcade car.

If you are still looking for more mods for GTA 4, we have a detailed list of the 11 best mods for GTA 4 not all car-related. From then on, you can start using this tool to replace in-game text files with modded ones.

For instance, the handling.



GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle Pack – Download

Recommended files. Still, this mod provides a high degree of customization — from colors to the type of spoiler on the trunk.


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