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How to fix windows 10 black screen with cursor after login .Black Screen on Windows 10 with Cursor Issue-Top 6 Ways to Fix It!

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Windows 10 black screen with cursor after login safe mode free download. Windows 10 black screen with cursor after login

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After successfully entering safe mode, you can start to check and fix Windows 10 black screen after login. Virus infection could also lead to computer black screen. In safe mode, we can use the antivirus software, such as Kaspersky, to scan system and remove the virus. Video card driver can also result in black screen problem.

You can try to solve it by uninstalling the video card driver. Finally, please restart your computer. Option Three: Check the Registry Editor. Checking and correcting it is helpful to fix the black screen problem.

Step 4: Restart your computer. Option Four: Disable High Contrast. High contrast in Windows could also lead to black screen. We can disable it in safe mode. If the problem started After Recent windows upgrade, Then may the Display driver is older, Corrupted or not compatible with the current windows version. This cause you need to update the Display driver with the latest version. Or the other cause if the problem started after Recent Display Driver upgrade then may the New version driver is not compatible that cause you can use the Roll Back Driver option.

And download the latest available Display Driver and save it. Again open Device manager Expand display driver, you find windows installed basic Display driver If not then click Action select hardware changes. If the problem started after the Recent Display Graphics driver update, Then may the new version display driver is not compatible with your current windows version.

That cause Roll Back Driver option is very helpful, Which revert the current driver version to the previously installed version. Also While upgrade to recent windows 10 , there are chances some system files missing or get corrupted. Restart Computer for the settings to take effect. In the bottom right corner, click the power icon and select Restart.

Usually, there is more than a kind of video outputs on Windows For some users, on your PC, besides the onboard graphics card, they have another one- the discrete display card. Accordingly, in the case where your computer switch to other video output rather than the normal one, the black screen with cursor error would also come up to you. At the time you meet with the Windows black screen with cursor, the first thing you should or can do is to keep holding down the Power button until the screen back to normal.

Now that you cannot shut down your PC forcefully, it is necessary for you to go into safe mode to let your PC go with a set of minimal drivers and programs on Windows Thus you can check the issues more easily. Press Shift and Restart all the time until the options window comes up. Here you are required to go to the safe mode with networking which is to make preparations for the solutions in case the safe mode cannot also solve the black screen problem.

Hopefully, the minute you run into the safe mode on Windows 10, your computer is no longer staying in the black screen with cursor anymore. Since the black screen is closely related to the display card situation, so when you entered safe mode with networking, you might as well manage to uninstall the graphics card driver on Windows 10 to tackle the black screen problems after the Creators Update, especially after the Fall Creator Update.

But you may have noticed that you are unable to do as normal as you uninstall or update drivers in device manager because of the presence of the black screen with cursor on Windows You have to follow the steps below in order to remove the dedicated graphics card driver from your computer.

In Task Manager , click File and then under it, choose to Run new task. In Create a new task window, type in devmgmt. In the installation confirmation window, check the box for Delete the driver software for this device and then hit Uninstall.

When you login in again, you can see the black screen with cursor issue has disappeared from your PC. For the possibilities that the graphics driver errors cause your computer to the black screen of death with cursor, besides uninstalling the driver from your PC, it is also necessary to update the display driver. Though you are entitled to update the graphics card driver in device manager or from the official site, such as NVIDIA or AMD website, but for most of you, it is a rather troublesome and difficult thing to achieve.

Thus Driver Booster can be the savior for you. It is the professional and reliable driver updating tool for Windows 10, so you would better make full use of it to deal with the black screen errors.

Download , install and run Driver Booster on Windows Click Scan. That will allow Driver Booster to scan for your PC with the problematic or corrupted drivers, including the graphics card driver. Therefore, the updated display driver will also be installed. You may be familiar that there are always two kinds of the graphics card on every PC, namely, the onboard or integrated one which comes with your computer and the dedicated ones you have added to your PC. Now that you have make efforts to fix the dedicated graphics driver issues, you would better solve the integrated display card troubles so as to handle the black screen with cursor problem on Windows In Device Manager , under Display adapters , right click the graphics driver to Disable device.

Here such as Intel HD Graphics. In the confirmation window, click Yes to disable the integrated graphics card driver for Windows Sometimes, if you have enabled the fast boot choice on your PC, it is possible that you come across the black screen with cursor on Windows In Power Options window, select Choose what the power buttons do.

Multiple graphics driver is more prone to this error. Follow below step to know how to get out from a black screen and remove graphics card drivers. STEP 2 — From the task manager we will able to start device manager window. Click on the file menu and select Run new task option. STEP 3 — Type devmgmt. It will open Task Manager. If you are successful in opening device manager jump to step 4 otherwise read ahead.

If you are not able to open task manager you have to start your computer in safe mode. Follow this steps to start your computer in safe mode.

In case of many users, this issue is happened due to faulty or misconfigured graphics cards. This error can also happen if your computer has two different graphics drivers.



Windows 10 black screen with cursor after login safe mode free download. Full Fixes for the “Windows 11/10 Black Screen with Cursor” Issue [MiniTool Tips]


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Windows 10 black screen with cursor after login safe mode free download. Windows 10 black screen with cursor after login

Use the Windows wkth bootable installation DVD in the same way, then select your language preferences and click on the Repair your computer option in the bottom left corner. Method 2.

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