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Law, Ethics, and Legal Agreements

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Yo, listen up, I’m here to tell you
About law, ethics, and agreements, it’s all true
You got your subject verb agreements and housekeeper contracts
Understanding these is a way to show your smarts
But wait, there’s more, let me explain
The difference between law and ethics, it’s not the same
And if you need to add something to your lease
There’s a legal way to do it, so everything’s at peace
Now, scholarships, they’re important too
Like the loran scholarship requirements, for example, what’s the hullabaloo?
But what’s the deal with old twenties? Are they still legit?
And legal ages around the world, ain’t that a hit?
Now, if you’re into travel, Qatar Airways is the best
But is their business class worth it? Let’s put it to the test
And lastly, the social contract PDF, it’s a lot to digest
But hey, if you’re in Alberta, there’s law enforcement jobs, so that’s a quest
That’s all for now, hope you learned something new
About law, ethics, and agreements, and how they all come through