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Office keeps configuring – Microsoft Community.How do I stop Word from configuring every time I start it? – Microsoft Community

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Microsoft office home and student configures – Microsoft Community

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Every time i try to save my presentation it says ”Powerpoint ran into an issue that it office for home and student for mac on a windows computer? 19, Microsoft Office System, Microsoft Office Access Installation/deployment of any Software Asset Management Tools

Microsoft office home and student 2007 configures every time free download. How do I stop Word 2007 from configuring every time I start it?

tion • Student perceptions of foreign teacher expectations in didates standing for reelection and for the first time. Each, Office of NPO JALT Previous ‘Microsoft Sudoku’ adds up to a good time on Windows PCs and tablets Zawiera: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote; Office Home & Business I am using Acer Switch Alpha 12, Windows I installed Microsoft Office & Home Student on the laptop and every time I want to open.


Microsoft office home and student 2007 configures every time free download

Response Time 可供我們了解系統在大量壓力下,其系統效能是否能符合要求,進而進行系統架構調整或是程式調校。」. Pierwsze wydanie Office dla Windows o nazwie “Office 1. Details required :. On the File menu, click Options , and then select Add-ins. セットトップ端末220の頂部すなわちカバー上には、プッシュボタン・コントロール645が配置されている。好ましくは、これらのプッシュボタン・コントロール645は、2つの部分からなる文字・アイコン型のリモコン900をコピーしたものである。リモコン900上で実行可能な任意の機能は、同機能のプッシュボタン・コントロール645を用いて、セットトップ端末220でも行い得る。 A push button control is disposed on the top or cover of the set top terminal テレビ産業は、伝統的には、加入者に、番組をひとまとめでマーケティングし売ってきた。たとえば、連続的に与えられる放送や、映画チャンネルへの長期的な加入などである。テレビ産業は、1つの番組を注文するなどしてその番組を番組単位ごとに大量に売ることはできない。消費者は、単位ごとの販売アプローチを好むが、これは、そのほうがコストを下げられるし、それによって消費者が視聴に関してより選択的になれるからである。 The television industry has traditionally marketed and sold programs to subscribers.


Microsoft office home and student 2007 configures every time free download. Microsoft office home and student 2007 configures (installs?) every time I open a document


Microsoft Premium Office apps, extra cloud storage, advanced security, and more — all in one convenient subscription For up to 6 people For 1 person. Choose the download that you want. Download Summary:. Total Size: 0. Back Next.

Microsoft recommends that you install a Download Manager. Microsoft Download Manager. Manage all your internet downloads with this easy-to-use manager. It features a simple interface with many customizable options:. Download multiple files at one time Download large files quickly and reliably Suspend active downloads and resume downloads that have failed. Yes, install Microsoft Download Manager recommended No, thanks. What happens if I don’t install a download manager? Why should I install the Microsoft Download Manager?

In this case, you will have to download the files individually. You would have the opportunity to download individual files on the “Thank you for downloading” page after completing your download.

Files larger than 1 GB may take much longer to download and might not download correctly. You might not be able to pause the active downloads or resume downloads that have failed. Details Note: There are multiple files available for this download. Once you click on the “Download” button, you will be prompted to select the files you need. This worked for me I’m running windows 7 x64 and Office enterprise bit. Sunday, January 31, AM.

Thanks so much My laptop now also has a no setup folder.. Tuesday, March 23, PM. None of the above information worked for me. Thursday, April 22, PM. I highly recommend this link. Wednesday, May 5, PM. Thank you all Im on XP. Wednesday, May 12, PM. Tuesday, May 25, AM. DPC I have had this problem for months and nothing I have tried has resolved it, includin checking all of the above.

Saturday, June 5, AM. Pete Same here! This is what my event properties window says for the failure: Faulting application winword. Sunday, June 20, AM. Your suggestion worked just fine! Thanks a lot for solving this “old” problem. Friday, June 25, AM. The following could help you. Cos i had the same problem and the following changes worked.

Exit Word Start Registry Editor. Proposed as answer by Sam. Kutondo Friday, April 26, PM. Friday, June 25, PM. I tried this and I still get the configuration window. Monday, June 28, PM. Thank you, thank you, thank you Your way is incredibly fast and it works!!

Sunday, July 4, AM. That was best and simplest solution Wednesday, July 7, PM. Friday, July 30, PM. In the permissions for Installer dialog box, click Administrators in the Group or user names list, and then make sure that the Full Control permission is set for the Administrators group.

If this permission is not set, click to select the Full Control check box under Allow. Click OK. Repeat steps 5 through 6 for the Everyone group.

Verify that only the Read permission is set for the Everyone group. If this permission is not set, click to select the Read check box under Allow. Monday, September 13, PM. Thanks very much ClarkIT. Wednesday, September 22, PM. Had this problem for the first time ever but it was on an acer.

Generally this worked for me. Friday, September 24, AM. Wednesday, October 20, PM. Saturday, November 13, AM.

Tuesday, November 30, AM. Thanks for the great solution. Benn trying to solve this problem and have tried lots of solutions, but this one did it! Thursday, December 30, PM. Saturday, January 15, PM. Tuesday, January 25, PM. Worked like a charm! Thanks a mil Saturday, January 29, AM. Thank you for sharing your knowlodge, it was really helpful. I wonder now if Excel will save and function properly running in safe mode.

What a world. Saturday, February 5, PM. After the registry fix, nothing happened on-screen, but now my system opens Word and no longer brings up the installer for Word ! That annoyance took a half dozen key clicks with annoying messages. Thursday, February 10, PM. Monday, February 14, PM. Monday, February 21, AM. Thursday, February 24, PM. Thursday, March 3, AM. Wednesday, March 30, AM. It works on windows 7 home premium x64 bits. Saturday, April 16, PM.

Worked for me too thanks very much. Tuesday, April 19, PM. I have tried all the suggestions to no avail but after following your instructions, the programmes open immediately without a hitch Edit Some info. Friday, May 6, PM.

Wednesday, June 22, AM. To: 8vdude8 Thank you for the quick and easy solution you provided. It worked like a piece of cake, slice of pie. Great solution without having to tweak the registry. More power to you. Saturday, June 25, AM. Tuesday, June 28, PM. Tuesday, July 5, PM. Instead of taking and trying so many tricks and tips as suggested here, it is advisable to take appropriate step with regard to Event Viewer message, particularly related to Event ID found after opening saved word document as there seems to be more than one reason for the error.

Monday, July 11, PM. Wednesday, July 20, AM. WOrked great for word, but what do you key for Excel? Thanks for your help.

Thursday, July 21, PM. Yes, It works on XP. Saturday, July 30, PM. Please please help me! Thursday, August 11, PM. That is until it started acting up again. I didn’t have to because the programme is running perfectly without any changes. Just a thought!!! Saturday, August 13, PM. It fixed my problem :D. Monday, August 22, AM. I found a non-geek solution. Click Browse. Locate the Office folder, click the Winword.

The Winword. Sunday, August 28, AM. Monday, August 29, PM. Tuesday, September 27, AM. Surprised you all seem to have had so much success renaming the setup. Monday, October 3, AM. Wednesday, October 5, AM. Wednesday, October 19, PM.

I downloaded a backup copy from Microsoft, removed Office Home and Student and rebooted and re-installed and problem went away. Thursday, October 27, PM. Sunday, February 19, PM. MAZEN’s suggestion works!!!! Sunday, February 26, AM. Sunday, March 11, AM. Wednesday, March 21, PM.

Edited by fishface6 Thursday, April 12, AM. Thursday, April 12, AM. Monday, April 23, PM. Wednesday, June 20, PM. Thursday, July 5, PM. Thanks that did the trick! Sunday, July 22, AM. FIX: 1. Go to Control Panel – add or remove programs. Your MS Office will then start right up without any problems. Proposed as answer by shribah Saturday, September 1, AM.

Sunday, July 22, PM. It’ll be in either “Program files” or “Program Files x86 2. Saturday, September 1, AM. Saturday, September 1, PM. This worked a treat on Windows 7. It’s been driving me crazy.

Many thanks indeed Wednesday, September 26, PM. However, I tried using your advice for an Office 12 installation to no avail. Any other suggestions? Tuesday, October 30, PM. I have window 7 install on my computer and I think the problem come with that window 7. Click on recommended parameter, It’s direct me to ” Window XP service pack 2” Click on start the program, click next Yes register with those parameters Everithing now open fast Hope helps for you, Robcha Friday, December 28, PM.

Did not work for me. Monday, March 11, AM. It also worked for me on Windows 8. Thanks a lot. Monday, March 18, AM. A really BIG thanks to doubleuiam. My MS Office is working perfectly in Windows 8. Thursday, March 28, PM. Monday, April 1, PM. Thank you 8vdude8!

Your solution is definitely the one for me. I tried absolutely all other options in this post and none worked, only yours did! Thank you for posting! Monday, April 22, PM. Kutondo 0. Thanks George, your solution worked flawlessly for me. Much appreciated. Friday, April 26, PM. Hello I read this thread with interest as Ive been trying to resolve the launch of the installer wizard every time we launch Office Home and Student or double click a document on my daughters Dell computer.

Saturday, April 27, PM. Thanks – UGW. Proposed as answer by brianzebra Wednesday, June 12, AM. Saturday, June 1, AM. Worked For Me Monday, June 10, PM. Wednesday, June 12, AM. Worked like a charm!! Boy that was an irritating problem.. Monday, June 24, PM.

Thank you so much, this worked. Thank you thank you thank you!! Wednesday, June 26, PM. Worked simply and like a charm! Wednesday, July 3, PM. Works perfectly on my Vista Business with SP2. Monday, July 29, AM. Thanks a lot for this MY office works fine now with that code.

Tuesday, July 30, AM. I have Office running on Windows 7 Starter. Was getting that configuration problem every time i opened word application. This solved my problem Thanks a million. Saturday, August 3, AM. You will be left with the correctly named SETUP file, and will no longer have the configuration issue.

Just an FYI. Saturday, August 10, AM. This did the trick for me. No longer waiting and waiting just to open Word. Monday, August 26, PM. This solution fix my problem of Office Configuration wizard runs every time I start Word Application. Tuesday, September 3, AM. This worked for me!! In can you believe my work won’t update Office ? Sunday, September 8, PM. Thank you SO much – this really fixed my problem that I have been dealing with forever – It worked!!!

Friday, October 11, AM. Sunday, October 13, PM. What should I do?? Saturday, November 9, AM. Works with Win 8 as well. I really need to update to Word Monday, November 11, AM. Worked for me Windows 7 office pro , fantastic! Tuesday, November 19, AM.

You need to change this to 1 leave the base as Hexadecimal 6 Click okay That should do it it worked for me send me a email and let me know if that worked for you. Wednesday, November 20, AM. You are a genius! Thank you so much! I was having the same issue and it was driving me crazy! This totally did the trick!!! Wednesday, November 20, PM. It’s worked for me!!!! Wednesday, November 27, PM. This fix works for Windows 8 64 bit the program, thanks very much.

Tuesday, December 10, PM. The 2nd command works fine for me. Many thanks! It saves a lot of frustration. Wednesday, December 11, AM. Wednesday, December 18, PM. Hi, Thanks But want to know why this was happing. Thanks Gaurav Dixit. Saturday, December 28, PM. Sunday, December 29, PM. It’s criminal what these worthless fucks are allowed to get away with. Monday, January 27, PM. Thank very much That worked fine for Word. But what about Excel, Powerpoint and the rest of the programs that are in Office I still get the same problem with them.

Do we need to add something to the registry for each one of the programs in Office? Wednesday, January 29, AM.

Sunday, February 2, AM. I tried this running Windows 7 ultimate and worked a treat. Tuesday, February 4, PM. Friday, February 21, AM. It worked! Nothing ever works, but this did! Friday, May 9, PM. It worked for me.

Monday, May 26, PM. Thank you, it’s useful :. Wednesday, May 28, PM. It works. Thursday, May 29, PM. Wednesday, June 4, PM. Thanks a lot Firefigh t er47, your suggested solution fixed my similar problem in a jiff. Saturday, June 7, PM. This worked for me! Friday, June 13, PM. Thanks it works for me also. Friday, July 18, PM. After soooooo long of putting up with that annoying install, this finally fixed it. I love you! Sunday, July 20, PM. Just wanted to let you know that 4 years down the line on Win 7 you made a frustrated user very, very happy.

Sunday, August 3, AM. Wednesday, August 6, PM. Thank you David. This solution fixed my problem on the Windows 7. I have both office pro plus and Saturday, August 16, AM. As for others not finding an “. Friday, September 26, PM. Worked for me on Win7Pro Tuesday, September 30, PM. Hello, I’m curious as to how you knew this.

Sunday, October 5, PM. Yes it works with Windows 7. Thank you very much for the help. Wednesday, October 8, PM. Friday, November 14, PM. This regedit fix worked for me. Monday, December 1, PM. I just read your solution and tried it how wonderful. Tuesday, December 2, AM.

To confirm I just installed Windows 7 and the configuration issue started happening. Thursday, January 8, PM. Sunday, January 11, PM. Monday, January 19, AM.

Monday, February 23, PM. This works on WIN 7 64bit. Sunday, March 15, AM. Hi Mr. David Wolters thanks a lot for this help. Tuesday, March 24, PM. Thank You. Problem Solved. Thursday, March 26, AM. Many many many thanks sir! This issue has been giving me headaches for while and the solution you provided solved perfectly well! Again, thank you! Thursday, April 9, PM.

Monday, April 27, AM. Thank you it worked for windows 7. Tuesday, July 14, AM. I had the same problem with office excel and tried everything including uninstall with no luck. Out of shear luck, I found an un-install office tool on line compatible with my office program and pc and tried the uninstall again followed by cleaning my files.

Long story short, it worked like a charm. Thursday, August 6, AM. Renaming setup. Friday, August 7, AM. Worked just fine for me W8. Tuesday, August 11, PM. Worked a treat on Windows 7. Friday, August 28, AM. I just renamed the file!

Monday, October 12, PM. This worked for me, dont really care if it is not elegant, or a simple band-aid. Wednesday, December 9, PM. Thanks Bro Friday, January 8, PM. This solution worked perfectly for me. Friday, January 15, AM.

Bless your heart that worked. I have been going nuts with this problem. I am using Office and Windows April 7, Thanks, it worked for me on Windows 7 bit with Office Enterprise Thank you again.

James Fortunato PS: There is a space between d and 1 at the end of the command. Thursday, April 7, PM. Worked for me MSO Ultimate Word on Win 10, which stubbornly went on a “configure files” for a minute every time before the app finally started. Wednesday, May 25, PM. Well done and thanks. Sunday, May 29, PM. Thank you so much!!! I wasted my good 3 productive hours trying to fix this and tried different many other posts but yours was a quick simple and perfect fix!!!

Wednesday, July 20, PM. I have the same problem of teh config starting each time I use an Office product. Friday, August 5, AM. Bang on, a million thanks and blessings in the name of the father, son, daughter and aunty betty. Friday, August 12, AM. I’m running Office Enterprise and on Windows 10! Thanks very much! Thursday, September 8, PM. It worked like a charm!!! On my Word , 64bit, , OS10!

Friday, September 30, AM. Worked for me on Windows Saturday, October 1, PM. Pagkaliwangan 0. Keep Up To Good Work. Monday, October 10, PM. Thank you so much dear..

It works for my ms office It really helps me.. Saturday, December 3, AM. This solved my problem I am using Microsoft Office on my Windows 8. Tuesday, January 17, AM. This fixed it! It is so irritating waiting for the setup every time I started word Thank you David Woters!!!!

Wife is going to be happy and when the wife is happy, the family is happy Thursday, January 19, AM. Edited by latg Sunday, April 2, PM. Sunday, April 2, PM. Thank you 8vdude8 This worked for me Cheers. Saturday, April 8, AM. Worked with window 10 too. Monday, April 17, AM. Worked for me on bit W10 and Word ! Sunday, May 14, PM. The easiest way to do this if your MS Word configures every time you run it is just as you mentioned.

Just change the setup. Works for me! Tuesday, May 23, PM. Thanks very much Firefigher That solution worked for me. Friday, June 30, AM. Hi there! Wednesday, August 2, PM. Worked great first time. Saturday, September 16, AM. I just used this on Windows 10 and it worked. Monday, September 18, PM. Hi, Just had the same problem with opening Word in Windows Saturday, November 18, AM.

Tuesday, November 28, PM. Thank you very much, problem resolved in less that 10 seconds. Sunday, December 3, PM. After reading all the other suggestions

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