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Rap Talk: Legal Insights and Guidelines

Yo, yo, yo! Let’s talk legal, my people
IG trading contract size, know the rules, don’t be feeble
When it comes to hearing loss, don’t be a fool
Industrial deafness Australia legal, don’t be cruel
You want that scholarship? Don’t trip or stumble
EAA scholarship requirements, keep it humble
Need help with immigration? Don’t need no reroute
Legal aid society immigration hotline, no need to pout
Want to study in the UK? Don’t want to miss
UCL English entry requirements, get that bliss
Setting up an LLC? Keep it tight, not a norm
Maryland LLC operating agreement form, keep it in form
Training for your employees? It’s a big band
Training agreements for employees, make it grand
Working in the courts? Hold it down, no hassle
Court support specialist job description, keep your castle
Facial recognition in law enforcement? Keep it cool
Facial recognition law enforcement, don’t be a fool
Want to set up an LLP? Don’t be afraid
Is LLP agreement mandatory, don’t be swayed

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