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Max for Live MIDI effect devices would not be correctly latency-compensated when the device was turned off and the device had an additional latency defined in its patcher inspector. After undoing a Macro mapping assignment for a Max for Live parameter, the parameter previous locked state would erroneously persist. Fixed a bug that caused the active Control Scripts to be loaded again when activating an additional Control Surface. Holding “Delete” and tapping an encoder on Push resets the respective parameter to the default setting. When the focus is set to Arrangement View, ‘New’ is not available on Push anymore. Clip automation for VST and AU plug-in parameters could get lost after importing a track from the browser into a new Live set. When duplicating an Audio Clip or a Drum Rack pad based on Simpler, the waveform visualization of the copied item would not be preserved.


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Live could crash under certain conditions after saving a Max for Live device in the Max editor.


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