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Soon though, Josie manages to make friends with the most popular girl in the sixth grade, Vanessa. When Vanessa eventually invites Josie back to her house to hang out, Josie doesn’t question it. Not even when Vanessa takes her into the woods, and down an old dirt road, toward the very house Grandma Jeannie had warned her about. As Josie gets caught up in her illicit friendship with Vanessa, Annie is caught in the crossfire.

Josie always liked visiting her grandmother in the countryside. Before she can try to escape again, she becomes seriously ill and dies. The third part of the novel is narrated by Clegg. At first, he wants to commit suicide after he finds Miranda dead; but, after he reads in her diary that she never loved him, he decides that he is not responsible for what happened to her and is better off without her.

He buries her corpse in the garden. The book ends with his announcement that he plans to kidnap another girl. Literary scholars have noted the theme of class in the British caste system as a prominent point of interest in the novel.

Some scholars have compared the power struggle between Frederick and Miranda as exemplifying the Hegelian ” master—slave dialectic “, and that both exert power over one another—both physically and psychologically—despite their differences in social background. In the Journal of Modern Literature , scholar Shyamal Bagchee attests that the novel possesses an “ironic- absurdist view” and contains a significant number of events which are hinged purely on chance.

Bagchee notes the novel’s greatest irony being that Miranda seals her own fate by continually being herself, and that through “each successive escape attempt she alienates and embitters Clegg the more. Fowles takes great care to show that Clegg is like no other person we know.

It takes Miranda a long time get rid of her successive stereotyped views of Clegg as a rapist, an extortionist, or a psychotic.

She admits to an uneasy admiration of him, and this baffles her. Clegg defies stereotypical description. Furthermore, Bagchee notes Miranda’s evolution as a character only while in captivity as another paradox in the novel: “Her growing up is finally futile; she learns the true meaning of existentialist choice when, in fact, she has very limited actual choice.

And she learns to understand herself and her life when, in effect, that life has come to a standstill. Bagchee notes that the divided narrative structure of the novel—which first presents the perspective of Frederick, followed by that of Miranda the latter divulged in epistolary form via scattered diary entries —has the characters mirroring each other in a manner that is “richly ironic and reveals of a sombre and frightening view of life’s hazards.

John Fowles is well established as a master of language, using a variety of tools to convey different meanings and bring his characters closer to his reader.

He has written a novel which depends for its effect on total acceptance by the reader. There is no room in it for the least hesitation, the smallest false note, for not only is it written in the first person singular, but its protagonist is a very special case indeed. Fowles’s main skill is in his use of language. There is not a false note in his delineation of Fred.

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Reviews Review policy and info. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. Sort order. Start your review of The Collector The Collector, 1. This book deserves a strong 3. Josie always liked it when she went it visit her grandmas house with her mom and little sister Anna.

But when her little family was forced to move in, her life changed forever. Her grandma has some very strange rules. Never leave your windows open after dark. No dolls in the house.

Never, ever go by the house in the woods. For a middle grade novel it was quite creepy and eerie. Great Halloween read for anyone who wants a spooky but super easy book to re This book deserves a strong 3.

Great Halloween read for anyone who wants a spooky but super easy book to read. BUT with it being a middle grade novel it has little to no character structure, little to no detail, and is such a simple and easy read that it could easily be finished in no time at all. It’s also quite predictable. For a young reader or a very frightened reader I could see this book being a really scary read.

With that being said though I still really enjoyed it. That could just be because it has a certain character that has a certain ability that I absolutely LOVE in books But you’d have to read it yourself to find out what that is! View all 8 comments. Sep 27, McCaid Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: horror. The Collector is one of the more creative middle-grade horror books, with a fair amount of dolls. I loved that the author didn’t hold back and delivered a truly spine-chilling tale involving all the things from our nightmares.

It was a bit rushed in places, but the mystery definitely made up for it. This is one book that horror enthusiasts shouldn’t miss! Jan 13, Amber J rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Ages Lovers of scary stories and quick reads.

Shelves: 4-stars-of , reading-challenge. J “There are three rules for living here. View all 5 comments. Sep 16, Kelly Hager added it. When I was in elementary school, Scholastic published a lot of horror novels that I absolutely loved. I don’t think I read all of them, but I probably came impressively close. This reminds me of those. And yes, this one’s definitely meant for middlegrade audiences and not YA, but if you made Josie a little older and had the book be a little longer, it would’ve fit right in.

This book is definitely a good starter read for someone who wants something scary but who doesn’t want to be traumatized f When I was in elementary school, Scholastic published a lot of horror novels that I absolutely loved. This book is definitely a good starter read for someone who wants something scary but who doesn’t want to be traumatized for life. It’s fun and creepy, but it won’t stick with you while you’re trying to sleep.

I don’t think. I’m not a fan of dolls, so we’ll see what happens when I go to bed tonight. This is the season for it, and if you’re in the mood for one good scare, check out this fun middlegrade. Nov 08, Mr. Gottshalk rated it liked it. This book was If I lived with my mother, grandmother, and sister, I would communicate a lot more effectively than these four ever did.

This book is a page turner, and I liked that. Not too much to think about. Mar 24, Christine rated it really liked it. This was a pretty good middle-grade book. I read it aloud to my almost 6 year old daughter. We read the first pages in one sitting, she absolutely looooooved it.

I will be keeping an eye out for this author, I have a feeling The Collector will be a series. Nov 20, Melissa rated it liked it. Josie and her sister, Annie, have moved with their mother to live with their grandmother. Josie has no problem staying away from the woods until she meets Vanessa. With all the strange noises that come from the w Josie and her sister, Annie, have moved with their mother to live with their grandmother.

This is a great quick chilling tale for middle school kids. There is nothing gory, no bad language, and no violence. It does have some scene that may be a bit freaky for younger kids.

Everything fit together quite well and made a great story. Oct 30, LG A Library Girl’s Familiar Diversions rated it liked it Shelves: horror , format-print , middle-grade , 3-star , acquired-library , read Although Josie loves her grandmother, she isn’t thrilled about moving in with her. She misses Chicago and, since her grandmother doesn’t have internet, she can’t contact her old friends. However, Josie’s mom recently lost her job, and Josie’s grandmother has been displaying worrying signs of Alzheimer’s, so Josie’s mom decides that this move is for the best.

Josie’s grandmother has several odd rules. First, Josie and her sister Anna are not allowed to leave any windows open after dark. Second, Although Josie loves her grandmother, she isn’t thrilled about moving in with her. Second, no dolls are allowed in the house. And third, Josie and Anna are not allowed to enter the woods behind Josie’s grandmother’s house.

Josie’s grandmother also keeps talking about someone named Beryl – Beryl is hungry, and wants to take Josie and her sister away. Part of Josie wants to dismiss this as signs of her grandmother’s Alzheimer’s, but part of her worries that there might be some truth to it, especially after she and Anna have nightmares about a doll and a creepy house in the woods.

But then Josie makes her first friend at school, a girl named Vanessa. Vanessa is kind, cool, and a vegetarian just like Josie. She lives alone with her aunt. Who collects porcelain dolls.

And whose house just happens to be located in the woods, and look just like the one in Josie and Anna’s nightmares. But surely it’s just a coincidence. My eldest niece is now old enough to start recommending books, and this is the first book she recommended to me. I later learned that she probably recommended it because she was in the process of reading it and loving it – my sister told me that she ended up disliking and feeling dissatisfied with the ending.

Still, my bookish self was happy to get the recommendation. Here’s hoping for more in the future. Alexander tapped into quite a few real-life fears in this book: moving to a new place, trying to make new friends when everyone else already seems to have formed their own cliques, worrying about elderly relatives, and just generally feeling out of place and cut off.

Josie can’t contact her friends back in Chicago because of her lack of internet, and she seems to be the only vegetarian at a school with horrible lunches that always feature meat in the main course.

The creepy dolls, strange dreams, and weird sounds were icing on the cake. To my adult self, this book wasn’t particularly scary. Still, Josie’s first visit to Vanessa’s house was pretty good. Josie immediately found the place creepy but tried to pretend that she was fine being there, because she didn’t want to lose Vanessa’s friendship and Vanessa’s explanation for why it looked the way it did seemed plausible her aunt was a big doll collector and was too injured to keep the house properly maintained.

Unfortunately, things got a bit too hokey for me when the story behind Beryl, the dolls, and the house in the woods was finally explained. I’m interested to hear which aspect of the ending my niece had problems with. I can think of two possibilities: the fate of one of the characters and the “you thought it was over but it isn’t really over” last page.

Based on what my sister said, I’m guessing it was the latter that bugged her. All in all, this was mostly okay until the revelations at the end. Oct 02, Meg Williams- Librarian rated it it was amazing. They all wanted to read it and told me they were going to buy it from the Book Fair, so I ordered it on Amazon so I wouldn’t take a Book Fair copy that could belong to a student.

It was out of stock on Amazon too! I finally got it on Saturday and I couldn’t wait to start reading. I read the whole thing yesterday. It was just the right amount of creepy for middle grade readers, and I made sure to request a copy to be cataloged for the library so that I can recommend it to kids who want scary books.

Technically in my library it will belong in the grade section, but I think some 3rd graders might be a little young.



The collector book age appropriate free download.The Word Collector


For more information about him and his novels, visit www. Read more Read less. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from United Kingdom. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Bought for 8 year old daughter who hasn’t been much of a reader My daughter finished this book in a matter of days, I bought the next one, she has almost finished that too.

In the space of two weeks she has went from non reader to avid reader and has asked for all of this authors books! Always a fan of Halloween and spooky treats, I think we have found her genre! On the back of this author thank you K R Alexander! Santa will now bring a child’s kindle and a further 3 books by this author have been ordered on Kindle form with, I’m sure, the rest to follow! One person found this helpful.

I have a major fear of dolls but figured I would give this a try anyway. I’m so glad I did as this author has become a fast favourite with me. It definitely gave me the chills and had me jumpy for ages afterwards, looking over my shoulder at every single unexpected sound.

Fantastic writing and I devoured it in one sitting. The world building was fantastic and definitely gave me autumnal vibes. I have now purchased the rest of the author’s collection bar books with the hope of finishing the collection very soon.

I will be making my way through their entire backlog now, eager to devour one story after another. This was a very quick read, with some of the chapters being only 1 page long which made it easy to get hooked. The story is simple just follow the rules and you will be fine, you know the 3 simple rules. Simple right?! Welllllllllll, where would the story if not one or more of these rules were broken!

Nowhere that is where! Josie and Anna are being made to move from Chicago right into the sticks of nowhere. When Vanessa comes along it is like sunshine for Josie, she can have a real friend here, even though something feels slightly off with the most popular girl in the school.

However, when she goes home at night, she can hear something in the woods! But what is that! Anna and she has a DOLL!! I mean what will go wrong? When we are first introduced to the dolls and they are all facing the walls, that did unsettle me.

Not sure what is worse having the dolls look at me or not! Plenty of nightmares to keep Josie up at night, and for some reason, they all lead her to one place. That detail may have made this story a whole lot scarier but I appreciate I am not the age bracket, by over a good 20 years, that they are aiming for.

There is another book in the series which picks up 5 years later, and with the ending, we were left with, I will read it because I want to know what is going to happen next! See all reviews. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Methods.

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