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Windows 10 tool media creation free

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Windows 10 tool media creation free.Yes, you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade. Here’s how

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Microsoft has an extremely useful Windows 10 tool you may never have heard of. The beauty of using it is that you only need this single download, nothing else is required as it will download the correct image for you.

Once downloaded you can use the Media Creation Tool to create a bootable flash drive to use on another PC or for a completely clean install. Alternatively, you can use it to upgrade your current PC to the latest version of Windows The next stage involves choosing a language, edition, and architecture for Windows The edition will need to match whatever you have a license for, and in most cases, the architecture will be fine as x If you want to have the latest and greatest, the Media Creation Tool is one of the best ways to get it.

Whatever the reason you need to do a complete installation of Windows 10, the Media Creation Tool is one of the easiest ways to do it. Windows Update can sometimes lag behind in rolling out newer versions, but the Media Creation Tool is a quick way around that.

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Yes, you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade. Here’s how | ZDNet.A Complete Guide to Windows 10 Media Creation Tool: How to Use

Use the media creation tool to download Windows. This tool provides the best download experience for customers running Windows 7, and To get Media Creation Tool, you’ll just have to simply open your preferred web browser and go to Microsoft’s official page and find the Windows 10 download page.


Windows 10 tool media creation free. Microsoft Windows 10 Installation / Media Creation Tool


The primary focus of the program is to install the latest OS version and updates. In order to accomplish this goal, you need to run the program as an admin. Additionally, you need to accept the license terms and notices before choosing the specific action.

While upgrading the operating system, you can decide the programs you want to keep. You can choose to keep the apps and files intact, save them to a new location, or delete everything from the system. Once you make the selections, the program starts updating your computer. In order to avoid issues during the process, you need a stable internet connection.

Once you launch the program, you need to scroll down to create a Windows 10 Installation Media section. This allows you to automatically initialize the Media Creation Tool. Before initiating the installation process, the program displays license terms and applicable notices. While the former allows you to upgrade the existing version of your Microsoft Windows operating system, the latter lets you create an ISO file for installation on a USB drive.

Once you choose a preferred option, the program provides you with a drop-down list to pick an appropriate edition of Windows Depending on the selected option, you can notice a prompt that begins downloading Windows If you choose the latter option, you need to connect a blank flash drive to the computer.

With the former option, you have to choose a location on the hard disk to save the file. It also subsequently closes the wizard and allows you to check relevant changes. Both methods let you upgrade multiple Windows PCs without much hassle. Additionally, you need a stable internet connection to initiate the process. Once you run the program, you only need to follow a few simple instructions to update your operating system. As such, you can choose between bit or bit operating systems, preferred language, OS edition, and more.

The program lets you manually make selections or provides recommended options for your PC. Once the installation process is complete, you can even save the file to an external hard disk. Therefore, it integrates well with a wide range of operating systems and PCs. As soon as you run the program, it automatically checks the status of your PC and provides updates as required.

It not only provides you with bootable installers and updates but ensures all the files remain uncorrupted. It seems to allow me to upgrade to Windows 10 seamlessly upgrade currently in progress. Here are the steps:. Then type lusrmgr. Press the OK button to confirm. You can now login as an administrator and run the Media Creation Tool. Then check to see if the issue has been fixed. Step 3: In the pop-up window, select the checkboxes of Turn off Windows Defender Firewall not recommended in private and public network settings.

And then click OK. Restart your computer and re-access the particular web page to see if the Windows 10 Media Creation tool error is resolved or not. Regardless of the operating system version you are using, it is always considered the good practice to install the latest security updates. Step 2: Click Windows Update and then click Check for updates on the right side of the screen. Step 3: If there are updates available, Windows will start to download them automatically. Then restart your computer to perform the installation process.

Step 1: Type regedit in the Search box to open Registry Editor. Name the new dword AllowOSUpgrade and set its value to 1. From this post, you can know how to fix the Windows 10 Media Creation tool error on Windows If you meet the same issue, you can try the methods above to get rid of it.


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