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Update yo Window 10 version – Stuck on 60%

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Incorrect time zone settings might lead to issues like failed Windows update installations. Perform a clean boot and check for updates. If a third-party application or service is to blame for the windows update getting stuck during download or failing to install, this may fix the issue.

After the clean boot, open Windows Settings once more. Select Update and Security and click Check for Updates. Click the Download and install button under the feature update to Windows 10 version 21H2. There is a possibility that corrupted, missing system files will create a Windows update installation problem or that Windows update will become stuck for hours. Use the system file checker utility to scan for missing system files and update them.

Reinstalling the OS from scratch is the final option. While it appears that the only way to update Windows is through the settings, there are other options. To download Windows 10 21h2 iso, use the official Windows 10 update assistant or Media creation tool.

Windows 10 can be upgraded to version 20H2 using the Media Creation Tool; the application allows you to downgrade or upgrade your operating system. However, the methods above should fix your problem in the first place. Before trying these solutions, create a backup of your most important data to prevent any data loss in the process. The October Update is stable enough for installation. However, Microsoft is now limiting availability, indicating that the feature upgrade is still incompatible with numerous hardware setups.

Windows 10 version 20H2 is a small refinement of its predecessor, with six months of bug and security updates and only a few feature additions. It is for now. Microsoft has stated the precise date that version 21H2 will be phased out by June 13, Cancel Submit.

Previous Next. Sumit Independent Advisor Independent Advisor. Hi, Let us check the Installation log to find why the update failed. Please share the logs as mentioned in this article. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. In reply to Sumit Independent Advisor ‘s post on June 29, Hi Laks. This saves your files, apps and most settings in place, is the most stable method to change versions, brings your Updates current, resolves most problems.

If the Version has problems I will work with you to try to resolve them. If the problems are intractable, you have ten days to roll it back in Recovery settings. So read it over and see if its something you want to learn to do.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask back any questions and keep me posted. If you’ll wait to rate whether my post helped you, I will keep working with you until it’s resolved. Please disable IIS and then try again as it looks to be failing. Let us know how that goes. Where can I find if any other messages or codes were issued regarding the failure? Thanks, Dan. Restart your PC and then run again the update assistant. Snixel June 29, am.

So it must be driver related, but already tried uninstalling all my drivers with exception of the VPN TAP driver and my Logitech wireless mouse. Any of you guys use a Logitech mouse by any chance? I already tried disconnecting it during the upgrade but haven’t tried completely uninstalling the driver yet. Partha Bagchi June 26, pm.

Any solutions yet anyone? Looks like the Gigabyte computers are the issue? I have a P37v5 nd no joy. It hangs at first boot with the Gigabyte screen. After restoration, I get failure with error code “0xffff”. Joe Purvis June 27, pm.

No answers so far — I have a call with Microsoft Support later today, will post thereafter. Gigabyte was not much help. First, they suggested “updating” drivers to the versions in Smartupdate which were clearly old versions. When I pointed that out, they suggested that perhaps I should consider a clean install — not on my agenda. I have a lot of software on my machine that I use every day. I would much prefer to stay with , which has been very stable until they figure out a fix.

Joe Purvis June 28, am. Another try with suggested changes from MS Support failed. The tech uploaded lots of logs and we will have another call in a few days I will be out of town. In the meantime, back to I appreciate that they are taking my problem seriously and are looking for a solution..

Anthony Costantini July 2, pm. I have a similar issue, but with ASUS components. I don’t think Gigabyte is your issue. Same error code for me as well. If you learn anything, please reply here. Joe Purvis July 10, pm. As posted by Snixel above not sure what happened to my reply , turning off secure boot in the Bios allows the installation to complete. Matthew T July 20, pm. This fixed it for me. Alan June 25, pm. I have a Gigabyte P25 not P25X which is a little different My update is also failing with 0xc error.

This machine almost always has a problem with the larger Windows 10 updates. Last year around march I had to permanently disable windows update or every morning I would come in to a hung screen and lost any unsaved work from the night before. Eventually I was forced to turn it back on for some reason and whatever magic they did in the intervening months payed off as that failed update just sailed through with no problems.

The next big update failed several times until, on a whim, I tried running it with the external monitor disconnected, which worked surprisingly. Snixel June 28, pm. Retried upgrade. Failed again. I completely uninstalled all my Antivirus software replaced by Windows defender default as suggested by Microsoft for error code 0xC — 0x is either AV software or 3rd party driver related and still upgrade fails with the very same error.

Between all three tries I kept the setuperr and setupact logs and in all logs I find the same entry around the same time the laptop is stuck on boot logo:. This error is related to a language profile. Do any of you guys see this same log entry in setuperr. Snixel June 18, pm. I have exactly the same problem error code 0xC — 0x, stuck at boot logo and tried both in place upgrade, update through windows Update and Media creation Tool. Please keep me posted if you get any progress on this issue, since the similarity of our laptops we probably need the same fix.

I’ll do the same! Joe Purvis June 19, pm. As I indicated, I left a message for Support at Gigabyte mfr of my laptop. I also called Microsoft support. Tech downloaded a new ISO and cleaned up some files. Install ran and hung at same point. I called next day and gave case number. Was passed to a next level support technician, who listened carefully and copied lots of logs from my machine. He indicated he would review them with engineers and get back to me in next couple of days.

Clearly, he was taking my problem seriously, so I am hopeful that a solution will be found. Will keep you informed. I did, however, get a trojan while antimalware was off — but I killed it. Snixel June 21, pm. I let my system sit on the boot logo for half an hour this time and I can now see in the setuperr. The next error codes are 30min later when I manually press the shutdown button to let it reboot and rollback the update, so I guess these are related to the problem.

I have and it uses a TAP driver, I was thinking maybe that causes the issue, but if you don’t I can rule that one out aswell. I was thinking maybe it could be related to the Realtek card reader in my system which is connected to the chipset through USB since Microsoft states there could be problems upgrading to with USB card readers. Problem is I cannot disable it in BIOS there is no option to do that and I already tried uninstalling the drivers and disabling it in device manager without any luck.

Joe Purvis June 22, pm. I tried disabling the Realtek card in device manager, and it didn’t help. I have a call again with Msoft tech Monday — will let you know what I find out. Snixel June 25, pm. Replaced with Microsoft ones and retried the upgrade.

Same error. Minnesota Bob June 15, am. I had many problems. Tried all of the fixes. Nothing worked. Then on a hunch I completely uninstalled Avast antivirus. I was then just left with the stock Windows Defender. Everything worked like a charm. Not just the update but several other lesser updates downloaded and installed perfectly, without a hitch. Joe Purvis June 15, pm. Nice thought.

I have been using Bitdefender. For the first few tries at , I simply disabled it; then I thought maybe it was still interfering, so I completely uninstalled it.

No difference. Updates to install normally as they did when Bitdefender was running , but not Still hangs in the first boot. And, here is my morning update again, ready for another failed install. Zouk21 September 15, am. Removing Avast made it work.

Had several lesser updates that were blocking the update. Did step 1, then 3 but was told nothing to repair. Then removed avast before doing step 2, went to bed and next morning Ta Da Windows Thanks Minnesota Bob. Zach June 15, am. I have installed , but had a few hiccough’s along the way. Contrary to USB install issues, I was able to make it work.

I booted the USB, couldn’t use the upgrade feature, so I did the fresh install option. When it got to rebooting, it froze at the Gigabyte intro screen like yours, so I just single tapped the power button, didn’t hold it, and it seemed to go into a ‘sleep’ state. I retapped power button and it booted into W It needed this done a few times during install process. Upon installing, and then updating as suggested by W10, the latest KB won’t install. I just let W10 install device drivers for now, as I am testing out before making it permanent.

One thing that isn’t working in is the USB3. Also try installing the F9 fix from GB. They list the updates for under DHC. Good luck, not sure if it may help ease your frustrations. I expect this is actually a GB issue.

Joe Purvis June 16, am. I was very hopeful when I saw this post. So I installed the F9 fix and tried again — failure. Tapping the on off button simply turns it off instantly. When I turn it back on, it immediately decides it has failed and returns everything back to with the same error messages as before. I tried again with faststart turned — no joy. Same result.

This is getting really boring…. Joe Purvis June 14, am. I uninstalled both Intel and Nvidia drivers, and also uninstalled my Killer Wifi card someone indicated that removing Wifi card helped. I also removed half of my RAM, since the same person indicated that removing ram helped.

This left laptop with 16 GB of ram. I ran setup from local drive, using the ISO files I had downloaded yesterday. Same outcome and same error messages I got last night 0xc 0x I am beginning to think I will be on forever. Of course, Microsoft will try to install every day — since one can now only delay updates for week.

Joe Purvis June 14, pm. Video is on processor and Nvidia m. OS is Windows Pro Fast boot is disabled. Only device attached is USB mouse. Note, I did try installing with that removed, using the touchpad — no joy. I ran setupdiag. Chkdsk finds no errors. This morning, Windows Update has gifted me with yet another download of , which is awaiting reboot.

I suppose I will let it, so that in 90 minutes or so, after I restore following the crash, I can get back to using Most of the drivers posted on the gigabyte site for this model are woefully out of date.

I checked the Samsung site previously and again today. Most recent firmware is installed for all SSDs. I checked all drivers using two different driver update programs as well as checking the site of the manufacturer of the device Intel, Nvidia, Killer,… It would be REALLY helpful if one or another of the error message codes would actually provide a hint about what is going on.

Microsoft site doesn’t list any issues that would be consistent with this problem. BTW, I tried installing with Virtualization turned off in bios.

No joy. I do not think this is a problem with my hardware — this machine has sailed through all the other updates without issue, and has been very stable with I wish there was a way to ask Microsoft. Joe Purvis: I’m really sorry for your issues. Here are some other things you can try: 1.

If you have a second hard disk or an SD card, then remove them. Disable the Driver Signature Enforcement. Shutdown the computer and manually start it on each reboot. Joe Purvis June 17, pm.

I removed all other SSDs from the computer, leaving only the boot drive. Bios allows only for camera and network cards to be delegated to the “Smart Manager”, and not disabled. So, I disabled them with Smart Manager. I installed most recent USB smart backup and F9 fixes. I could not permanently disable driver signature enforcement not allowed by secure boot , but I did reboot and disable signature enforcement for that reboot.


Windows 10 update 1903 stuck at 60 free download.How to Fix Windows 10 1903 Update Download Stuck at 99 or 100%

Please like and share this guide to help 193. Ensure you’ve installed the latest stable versions of all your drivers and motherboard BIOS. No way of auto repair had worked :. Error code 0xcx : Hello. When he isn’t writing, you can bet перейти на страницу devouring information on products making their market foray, demonstrating his unquenchable thirst for technology. We’re hiring We’re looking for part-time or full-time technical writers to join our team! Automation disruptors realise 1.


Windows 10 update 1903 stuck at 60 free download. Cannot Update Windows 10 1903…It Stuck on 60%


Microsoft techs had no clue other than to keep trying to install. Windows 10 Forums. GeneHullinghorst Win User. GeneHullinghorst, Nov 11, RivelinoFernandes Win User. RivelinoFernandes, Nov 11, PSuchwhy Win User. Can anyone tell me what is happening? Also, version showed on my list of failed installs and then it disappeared from the list. Was there a ? PSuchwhy, Nov 11, Why are all of the links that you listed not completed. Build It has used space of GB and GB of free space. I have spent the better part of the past 3 days trying to get this accomplished on my laptop.

It has worked on my PC but not on the laptop. Windows 10, Version error message 0x b. We couldn’t install this update, but you can try again 0xfb c. We couldn’t install this update, but you can try again 0xC – 0xD d. Feature update to Windows 10, VersionWe couldn’t install this update, but you can try again 0x If there are ways to get this latest update installed on my laptop, please let me know what I have to do in detail, step by step. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.

I been sitting here for 4 revit mep crack free now and still didnt move. I dont want to interrupt my work since it will restart so I want it to be done first I do have a log file from using SetupDiag that has a couple different text log I have googled and tried many ways: manually updating with Windows 10 Update Assistant, turning off antivirus, disabling IIS Cannot Update Windows 10 Update get stuck with error code 0xC – 0x Logs provided below, any advice how to solve this without doing a clean installation?

I had also gotten 0xXAB before. I have uninstall windows 10 update 1903 stuck at 60 free download and windows 10 update 1903 stuck at 60 free download, tried MCT, To install Windows restart the computer and then restart the installation” 1. I tried “Windows 10 Update Assistant” 2. Update through “Windows built in updater” To Install the Windows Restart the computer and then restart the installation Please Help Users found this page by searching for:.

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